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  • Our day starts in Ljubljana's food market.

    Our day starts in Ljubljana's food market.

  • Because we care what you eat.

    Because we care what you eat.

  • Homemade pasta.

    Homemade pasta.

  • Fresh fishes from local fish market.

    Fresh fishes from local fish market.

  • Sweet heaven with local inspiration.

    Sweet heaven with local inspiration.

  • Slovenian food shaped through years.

    Slovenian food shaped through years.

  • From chefs imagination ...

    From chefs imagination ...

  • ... to your plate.

    ... to your plate.

  • In lovely atmosphere.

    In lovely atmosphere.

Little piece of Slovenian culinary heart.

along the Ljubljanica river, opposite to the local market

We believe in

We believe in

local and fresh food,

prepared with passion and respect.

Teamed up with

Teamed up with

local suppliers.

Full plate

Full plate

of local history

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Chefs choice

This week's specials ...

Daily fresh fish

Daily fresh fish

Veal tomahawk

Veal tomahawk

Veal tomahaw with baker´s potatoes and apple chutney
Chocolate tart

Chocolate tart

Our Menu

Just a bit of our chefs imagination.

12 €

Smoked beef tongue

parsnip cream, cooked quail eggs, fermented black walnut, mayonnaise of fermented garlic and chive oil
13 €

House pate with truffles

and fruit bread with herbal butter
4,5 €

Beef soup with noodles

carrot and cooked beef
5,5 €

Crab soup with pan fried prawn

garlic puree and chives oil
15 €

Buckwheat dumplings filled with porcini mushrooms and truffles

in leek and shrimp sauce with parmesan shavings
15 €

Home-made »žlikrofi« stuffed with meat delicacies

on carrot cream with chive oil and cracklings
17 €

Marinated grilled chicken

with carrot purée, natural sauce with tarragon, fried skin and sautéed vegetables
18 €

Pork tenderloin in herbal crust

with mashed potato, sautéed vegetables in cranberry sauce and apple purée
20 €

Seabass fillet on cauliflower purée

with baked cauliflower and romanesco, hazelnut butter, pine nuts, chive oil and lemon zest
24 €

Octopus tentacles with mediterranean vegetables

fermented garlic, buttery lemon sauce and passion fruit cream
14,5 €

Salad with spicy beef fillet stripes

mixed curly lettuce, grilled oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, herbal cottage cheese, balsamic baby onions and pumpkin seed oil dressing with currant vinegar
13,5 €

Salad with chicken fillet

green lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grated egg, parmesan shavings, bread croutons and caesar dressing
6 €

Lemon meringue pie

with citrus sorbet
6 €

Chocolate tart

with raspberry couli and fresh berries
12 €

White beans hummus

marinated young carrots, fresh radish, chive oil, lemon zest, and roasted ground hazelnuts
17 €

Wholegrain vegetable dumpling

with carrot purée, grilled zucchini and tomato chutney

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  • Welcome

    We're next to the bridge, just across the food market in Ljubljana.
    Just a nice walk away from PG Kapitelj, PG Kongresni trg square
    or funicular railway to Ljubljana castle.

    Restaurant Most

    Petkovškovo nabrežje 21,
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Telephone: +386 (0)1 232 81 83



    Monday–Saturday: 11.00–22.30
    Sundays&holidays: closed


Monday–Saturday: 11.00–22.30
Sundays&holidays: closed

About us

We love our little piece of Slovenian culinary heart. Let us share it with you.


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